Who was Hazrat Abu Talib (AS)

Yes we know he was the father of Imam ali the commander of faithful, Our First Imam, but what makes him special is defined spontaneously by Mir Hassan Mir, and its one of my all time favorites



Rumi on finding God

“If you want to sit with God, go first and sit with those who know God. If you ignore people of holiness, you will be lost. But remember the devil wants you to be lost, so he will constantly try to persuade you that the company of holy people is dull and profitless.”

          – Rumi (1207 – 1273)

Hijab – InThe World we Live In

tumblr_nyrcy62EDF1t3frero1_500This is old, BUT in a sense our Modest Sisters still have to bear the burdens of IGNORANCE in this crazy world we live in. YES HIJAB HARD, YES HIJAB IS SOMETIMES UNBEARABLE HOWEVER WITH ALLAH LIES GREATEST REWARD. Sisters who endure know that Allah swt WILL reward their Sacrifice and patience in this Dunya and in the Hereafter. #StayStrong

The Imam in Prison – Imam Musa Al- Kazim (A.S.)


Imam Al Kazim, for about ten years, performed a single prostration from sunrise until noon.

Harun Al Rashid would sometimes climb onto a roof that overlooked the prison cell wherein he had imprisoned Imam Al Kazim (AS). He would see Imam in prostration.

He asked al – Rabi’ ’ What is that cloth I see on that spot everyday? He Said, ‘O commander of the faithful! That is not a cloth but Imam Musa b. Jaafar Al – Kazim (A.S.). He performs a prostration every day from sunrise until noon.’

Harun said, ’ He is indeed one of the holy men from the Bani Hashim.’

I asked, ‘then why have you confined him to captivity?’.

Harun said, ‘Alas! that is how it must be.!

Uyun Akhbar Al Rida (AS) v.1 p95